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  1. This is the kind of interview that could have been 4 hours and ranged from everything from ethics to REM to “virtue signaling” and Bob Dylan. David Zahl is the founder of Mockingbird Ministries which does some of the kind of stuff we like to do here at Virtue in the Wasteland, in fact, we like to think of them as our more distinguished East Coast colleagues
  2. In him, retribution is set aside. Forgiveness comes. A new order begins. Remember that God’s mission will prevail, because grace is in, with, and under the fabric of human history.
  3. At our churches must remain focused on the deep kick, the real deal, the thing itself. I’m not the first on this site to remind us that this is Christ himself.
  4. Asking whether one's beliefs are the right ones is terrifying.
  5. Ever experience a congregation with the word "Grace" in its name that was nonetheless ironically ungracious and legalistic? I have.