TOPIC INDEXPractical Theology (21)
  1. God will give you more than you can handle. But he doesn’t leave you alone. Not at all.
  2. In between boarding up your windows and hauling 5 lb. drums of peanut butter down to your basement, grab a hot rum toddy, pull your muck boots up, and inject yourself with a little reality in Jesus with the Preachers.
  3. Story of Woman: Genesis to Revelation
  4. Who are we if neither vice nor virtue will make us whole?
  5. Jesus has conquered; he who has an ear let him hear. There is nothing to run from, nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to fear because the Lamb of God has done it all.
  6. Reclaiming our Children's Identity
  7. Our brokenness cuts deeper than just the times when we recognize it needs to be fixed.
  8. In this episode we talk about the gifts God gives His church, even in the midst of an unbelieving world.
  9. But the Creator of life and breath does not wait for Moses to identify with worthiness.
  10. Jesus’ coming and death and resurrection guarantee us the victory over the lies, the desire to be pitied, and the appeal of stuff.
  11. They say girls in our society should have nothing to worry about. They should have the opportunity for education and choices far beyond generations before.
  12. Have you ever wondered how the earth began? Cindy and her children talk through some of the First Theories commonly taught such as the Big Bang theory, evolution, and comparing it to the reasonableness of a Creator.

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