TOPIC INDEXPractical Theology (10)
  1. On Giving Tuesday 2020 the Thinking Fellows discuss stewardship.
  2. This is our frontier religion: God is waiting to shower blessings upon us if only we will unlock those blessings with the right kind of works, and a sufficient quantity of the same.
  3. In these two stories - one ending and the other beginning just a day apart - we find many ingredients that are uniquely American. We find grit, determination, and conquest.
  4. Jesus is the heart of the Gospel, and the Gospel is Good News. But it is always Good News that comes to us best on the lips of another.
  5. In Adam and in us, life has been wrapped in death. But in Jesus, God has wrapped death in life.
  6. Even now we sing as we live in His gifts, and await His second Advent—His second-coming.
  7. God graciously bursts our foolish plots by coming our way, into our very flesh, and being God with us.
  8. Beware the lament, dear readers, that is not soothed with the good-goods of Jesus.
  9. The creation is one of God’s good gifts and being cut off from nature and wild places, as we often are in the modern world, is probably not so good for us.
  10. I’m still laughing now as hard as I laughed back then. And the salve that he gave me in that moment still works some strange magic on me to this day.