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  1. A few of our staff members have shared what they are looking forward to reading in the coming months below. If you’re looking for titles to fill your own summer reading list, we hope this list is a helpful resource.
  2. Both Paul and Martin Luther were Olympic champions when it came to ladder climbing.
  3. With the help of over 250 donors, we reached and exceeded our Giving Tuesday goal late Tuesday evening. At the end of the day, we raised $201,664, which is a record-breaking day of fundraising for us as an organization. Thank you for your support in extending the Gospel work of our organization.
  4. In Defense of Christian Ritual is now available for purchase from 1517 Publishing
  5. This is an excerpt from the book, “Paul and the Resurrection” written by Joshua Pagán (1517 Publishing, 2020).
  6. “Who Am I?” edited by Scott Ashmon (1517 Publishing, 2020) is now available for purchase.
  7. The Pastoral Prophet: Meditations on the Book of Jeremiah written by Steve Kruschel is available for preorder through 1517 Publishing. The following is an excerpt.
  8. "As we stare down another day, the struggles and joys that it will bring, take a deep breath. In spite of all the failures, floundering, and “that-should-have-been-something’s” flying in our faces, there is peace and redemption in Jesus." Tara Flattley
  9. This is a guest article brought to us by Dr. James Isaacs.