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  1. We invited back our friend, Pastor Bob Hiller, to talk to us about how to pray. Bob is also a co-host and the Lutheran perspective on the "White Horse Inn" podcast.
  2. James makes it sound like prayer is actually effective, that God listens, God answers in line with our requests. Does James realize the questions he is raising?
  3. Caleb is joined by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt and pastor Bob Hiller to talk about the Lord’s Prayer.
  4. Your forgiveness means you are in God’s favor, and no matter what tomorrow brings, God’s face is shining upon you, and he is gracious to you. Whether you live or you die, you belong to the Lord.
  5. What is essential and non-essential in an age of crisis? Ringside meets the Craft of Preaching with Dr. Peter Nafzger in a discussion about preaching to specific people in a specific location. Half of the Seminary may be from Nebraska, but what does your hyper-local world need to hear? Maybe the preacher’s task is to start a crisis.
  6. It is one thing to pray against death’s slow and aggressive assault on God’s creation. It is another to trust in the one who has conquered the grave.
  7. Comfort is not a platitude; it is a promise. A promise from our God who left his place of glory and died a sinner’s death for poor sinners.
  8. The following is an excerpt from "Finding Christ in the Straw," written by Robert M. Hiller (1517 Publishing, 2020).
  9. You are in a fight, but the victory is guaranteed because it is in the hands of the risen Chief Shepherd.

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