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  1. Just like in the previous interview, I had to rewind to make sure I was hearing all this right. Yeah, that's actually what he said.
  2. The grace of God does not save us at the beginning only in order to keep ourselves in his good graces by our good enough readiness.
  3. God invites you to confess the skeletons in your closet so that he might bury them in the grave for good.
  4. Though envy whispers to us that peace can only be found by “keeping up,” Jesus whispers to us a better word: “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.”
  5. Jesus is coming again to renew all things. It may seem somewhat hidden right now, but make no mistake, hope abides.
  6. Jesus isn’t any ordinary leader. In spite of all the ways the leaders of our world may let us down, you can trust Jesus to always lead you well.
  7. Even when God doesn’t take away the troubled waters of our life, he is the Bridge we can lean on no matter what storms may come our way.
  8. In the midst of the Word of God being spoken, she felt for the first time God had revealed Himself to her, not as the terrifying judge she feared, but as the loving and tender father He is.
  9. Daniel and Erick start Paul’s letter to the Philippians in this episode. To live is Christ, to die is gain, and some suffering is a gift.
  10. God isn’t fooled by our fake piety. He would rather have us venting honestly than faking it.

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