TOPIC INDEXPractical Theology (13)
  1. He also took our own history and suffered all the agony and pain of our own lives.
  2. As long as the church teaches the gospel, it will suffer persecution.
  3. The only one rightful heir of the kingdom of God, inherits from us, our cross, and descends into the kingdom of the damned.
  4. The giver of life, the source of joy, stands weeping together with the human family as they grieve under the curse of sin.
  5. This is not a plea for us to be given the strength to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. It is our helpless cry when boots – straps and all - slip off the edge of temptation’s cliff.
  6. The petition not to be led into temptation is found in just the right place within the seven petitions.
  7. If we want to see evidence of our Father’s answer to the fifth petition, we need only to look at the cross and the empty tomb.
  8. Even though the horn of plenty on our table is there as the fruit of our labor, that is also a gift of God’s grace
  9. The place where it is most difficult for us to accept God’s will is when suffering, calamities, and finally, death itself.
  10. The kingdom of God has a proper name, and his name is Jesus, Son of God, Son of Man.
  11. Our prayer confesses that God’s abode is beyond us, yet ever so near for the prayer presupposes that we are being heard, even in our sighs and whispers.
  12. He will plead guilty on our behalf, and suffer the death sentence in our place.

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