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  1. Watching The World Go Down in History. In this episode of Banned Books, we read "False Presence of the Kingdom" by Jacques Ellul and discuss worldly Christianity, the lessons of history, the Machine, focusing on heavenly things to answer earthly questions, seeking the origin of things, and the dangers of being trapped in the present.
  2. It’s the Cross, Stupid. In this episode, we discuss how God makes a theologian of the cross, how the theology of glory infiltrates churches and their doctrine, and how the cross of Christ reveals the truth about human history.
  3. Honey, Where Did This Thing Come From? In this episode, we discuss the Lord’s Supper, early church tradition, worship, and the question, “Where did this come from?” At the same time, we read Dr. Norman Nagel’s essay, “Medicine of Immortality and Antidote against Death.”
  4. Distinct, But Not Divided. In this episode, we discuss the Christian doctrine of the two kingdoms and its consequences for the Christian life while reading James Nestigen's "The Two Kingdoms Distinction."
  5. A spirit of timidity and a Spirit of courage. In this episode, we conclude our reading of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Live Not By Lies. What happens when the church chooses a spirit of timidity in order to spare itself affliction? Also, the sins of the fathers and the true meaning of sanctuary.
  6. How Quickly They Forget. In this episode, we continue to read Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Live Not By Lies. What happens when the church takes the easy path of learned helplessness?
  7. Gag me with a spoon. In this episode, part two of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s essay, “Live Not by The Lies.” We consider herd mentality, our fear of standing up to unjust authority, and the secular indoctrination that infects the church.
  8. Lies Taste Like Wonder-bread. In this episode, part one of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s essay, “Live Not by The Lies.” We discuss the two kingdoms, the need for Christ alone with no additives, and the importance of having an ethos.
  9. Keep it Spiritual, Keep it Safe. In this episode, the conclusion to our discussion of Gerald Kennedy’s sermon, Communism in the Churches. Should churches mind their own business in regards to social and cultural matters? What happens when churches and Christian organizations avoid controversy in order to maintain the status quo? Does the Gospel have any power outside our churches’ walls?
  10. White Bread with Bologna and Propaganda Spread. In this episode, we continue reading a sermon preached by Bishop Gerald Kennedy, on Communism in Churches (c. 1960). The discussion focuses on whether propaganda is more important than the truth.
  11. Religion is Extra Important. In this episode, is religion an extra? How has the communist doctrine on religion influenced our society and the churches? When is it time for churches to preach against society, and to what end?
  12. Red Dawn in the Church. In this episode, a sermon by Bishop Gerald Kennedy on communism in the churches. What did it mean in 1960, and what does it mean today, that religion is an opiate?

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