TOPIC INDEXPractical Theology (12)
  1. The Thinking Fellows talk about confirmation bias. Is there a benefit to regularly engaging with disagreeable ideas?
  2. The Thinking Fellows explore the reasons why students go to college.
  3. The Thinking Fellows make a case for reading old books.
  4. The following is an excerpt from Adam Fransisco’s chapter in “Who Am I?” edited by Scott Ashmon (1517 Publishing, 2020).
  5. The regular hosts of the Thinking Fellows are back in the studio after a long time of phone-in episodes.
  6. The Thinking Fellows are joined by Dr. Jonathan Mumme to discuss the purpose and practice of Christian worship?
  7. Socialism: What it does to a Country
  8. When I hear my brother’s name, I will grieve a little. But I will also rejoice, for I know that he is with his Savior.
  9. This letter is not without controversy—not because of its content but due to questions concerning its authorship and canonicity.
  10. The Thinking Fellows are joined by Stephen Pietsch for a live recording in Bergen Norway.
  11. Caleb Keith and Dr. Adam Francisco talk about the political history of the Reformation.
  12. Caleb Keith and Dr. Adam Francisco are joined by a guest to talk about the liberal arts and classical education. Our guest today is Dr. C.J. Armstrong.