TOPIC INDEXPractical Theology (8)
  1. In the place of God, Marx sets the material, autonomous, self-creating man.
  2. Caleb is joined by two members of 1517's junior fellowship, John Hoyum and Philip Bartelt, to give a rundown of Lutheran worship.
  3. The relationship between faith and prayer or belief and worship is mutual. Faith produces prayer and prayer expresses faith.
  4. As much as Luther calls Christians to a sober belief in the devil, he also calls them to a firm and steadfast faith in Christ
  5. The image of the cross stands as central to Luther’s comfort for those who endure persecution.
  6. Where Erasmus saw fear and collapse, Luther saw the never-ending comfort of Christ and his gospel.
  7. They cannot know that I am already a father, but, this side of eternity, I won’t ever meet my child because of a miscarriage.
  8. To be lukewarm is to take refuge in your own works apart from the works of God.