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Wade Johnston
  1. Every day is a Sabbath for Christians. Every day is the day the Lord has made. Every day is a day to find rest in Christ.
  2. Sometimes I think we should be more tempted to laugh at the gospel than we are, not in derision but in sheer surprise and awe.
  3. Nothing stands against you. Only Christ stands now, and he is for you, more for you than you could ever know, for you like nothing else that has ever loved you.
  4. Rest doesn’t come cheap. Perhaps there’s no scarcer commodity in our time. Plenty sell it, but there’s no warranty, and it seldom lasts.
  5. The thought of losing even one of those for whom his Son died pains God beyond belief, and the angels rejoice when even one of his children repents.
  6. “The days are coming,” and God said it. God, who kept his promise that Christ would come at Christmas.
  7. Mike, Wade, and Greg (Lyon) discuss time and the church year.
  8. Mike and Wade discuss how doctrine and practice shape how churches worship.
  9. Wade and Mike sit down with Rev. Dr. Paul Lehninger of Wisconsin Lutheran College to discuss the work of author Colin Woodard. Woodard believes that there are eleven distinct nations which comprise the United States (and Canada and Northern Mexico).
  10. Wade and Mike invite Wisconsin Lutheran College’s disease expert, Dr. James Henkel, back onto the show. This is the second time Dr. Henkel has come onto the podcast.
  11. Wade and Mike take a look at Tom Nichols’ book The Death of Expertise: The Campaign against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters. Nichols makes the case that ignorance may be the biggest threat to a democratic republic.

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