TOPIC INDEXPractical Theology (8)
  1. Jesus is our sympathizer, our propitiation, and our advocate. We will be tempted but God will provide the way out, the way out is Jesus, the one who died for our sins.
  2. God has forgiven us our trespasses in Christ Jesus and it is his grace that begins the transformation process making us into little forgivers.
  3. Praying this prayer every day reveals this painful truth, I am guilty in need of forgiveness every day.
  4. We have needs every day, but we also need a daily reminder that God loves us and he wants us to depend on him for our everyday stuff.
  5. Even when you’re praying and you feel like you’re not getting what you want, God loves you. God hears you.
  6. God is holy, nothing I say or do or pray is going to make God any more or less holy. So what are we praying when we say, “hallowed be your name”?
  7. Jesus has the best Dad ever, but He doesn’t keep His Dad all to himself. Jesus shares His Heavenly Father with everyone who believes in Him.
  8. As we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we pray to God our Father. We come to him as his children, adopted into his family. We pray to our Father who loves us perfectly.