1. David and Adam talk with Dr. Abigail Favale (of Notre Dame University) about sex, gender, and feminism. You can purchase her outstanding books here.
  2. Jennifer Roback Morse joins the Thinking Fellows to discuss the sexual revolution.
  3. David and Adam recall their time as students and professors in higher education and discuss the issues associated with being a Christian in academia today.
  4. David and Adam reflect on the nature of truth in a post-truth age while discussing the controversy concerning Uri Berliner, NPR, and its new CEO.
  5. What's the difference between a stay at home mom and a Tradwife?
  6. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY-THREE, Jason and Wade discuss chronological hubris and the need to consider people and events within the context of their time and not ours, suggesting that the Old Testament is a good remedy for chronological hubris.
  7. Everybody’s Working for the Weekend. In this episode, we continue our Lenten tradition of reading Luther’s Galatians commentary in March, discussing past and present idolatry and why we keep falling for the same sales pitches from the same gods.
  8. agnus Persson joins Scott and Caleb Keith to discuss the decline of Christianity in Europe.
  9. David and Adam continue the discussion on woke culture and ideology.
  10. This episode introduces the topic of our next few episodes, where David and Adam discuss woke culture and ideology.
  11. Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th, 2023; the bloody conflict leaves some Christians asking theological questions about the modern state of Israel.