1. We have special guest Sarah Crowder to talk with us about interacting with the teens in our lives--whether our own, in our churches, or neighborhoods--in a way that helps them understand the gospel.
  2. Declare and Defend Series
  3. For Japan’s highly secularized elite, alienated by collapsing opportunity and the materialistic void left behind, Bach’s music was a balm.
  4. Declare and Defend Zoom Series
  5. The shepherds are the most unlikely people to play the role the angels cast them in.
  6. Evangelism Ground School: Preparing to Take Off
  7. Evangelism is hard work requiring lots of patience. Churches and mission boards are often too impatient and want to see numerical growth explode overnight.
  8. Wade and Mike sit down to discuss the Pauline Epistles. They walk through some of the specifics, but generally attempt to take an overview of what Paul seems to be doing in his letters and why his writing is so important to the church.
  9. At the outset of His ministry, Jesus' authority is on full display. Authority over sickness, authority over demons, and the authority to call you to follow Him

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