1. We Can Be Heroes… In this episode, we discuss death and resurrection, hierarchy and authority, corporatism, Christian nationalism, self-sacrificial love, building a body without Christ as its head, the symbolism of salvation without the Lamb, pop culture tropes, the hero's journey, and teaching Christians not to doubt their salvation.
  2. Evangelism Seminar
  3. Interfaith Dialogue
  4. St. Patrick was great but only because he was a slave to Christ.
  5. Patrick's breakthrough came when he began to leverage his knowledge of the native language and customs to build a bridge between Irish lore and the Christian mythos.
  6. agnus Persson joins Scott and Caleb Keith to discuss the decline of Christianity in Europe.
  7. How the pumpkin patch has a lot to teach us about the love and work of Christ
  8. Scent plays an important role in our memories and the story of Scripture
  9. Loso is a hip-hop recording artist and one of the world's top battle rappers.
  10. Dyson demonstrated a pious persistence with Lewis, something we can emulate in our own friendships and conversations.
  11. Chains may have restricted Paul, but nothing can restrict the gospel.

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