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The Decline of Christianity in Europe and the West

agnus Persson joins Scott and Caleb Keith to discuss the decline of


A Q & A on “Reclaiming the Reformation: Christ for You in Community"

This book is for people who want to get serious about the church. It’s for pastors who are sick and tired of surfing the latest wave or jumping from one program to the other.

The Century of the Holy Spirit

The same Spirit who gives us his overabundant life has also given us doctrine. Scripture and Spirit cannot be put in opposition to each other.

The De-formation of the Church and the Need for Re-formation

The church’s reformation is not about fragmentation, but a way forward to unity around that which is central to the church, around Christ and him crucified.


Here We Still Stand 2022

Consciences Captive to the Word of God

Reclaiming the Reformation: Christ for You in Community


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