1. This article is written by guest contributor, Christopher J. Richmann.
  2. The Thinking Fellows discuss the importance of the Christian community.
  3. Sometimes, we get prayer dementia. We can’t remember what we were going to pray for, we can’t put the words together, and, frustrated, there is nothing we can do but sigh and groan.
  4. Today, on the Christian History Almanac, we head to the mailbag to answer a question about Christian Saints.
  5. It would serve us well to embrace the beauty of our diversity within the unity of the body of Christ.
  6. We must also address the stigma surrounding addiction within so many churches.
  7. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-FIVE, Mike, Wade, and Jason discuss the communion of saints and the one holy Christian/catholic and apostolic Church.
  8. God's faithfulness is constant and consistent. It knows no season. His love for us doesn't fade with the summer sun.
  9. Today on the Christian History Almanac podcast, we remember one of the most popular Medieval saints: St. Anthony of Padua.
  10. Today on the Christian History Almanac podcast, we tell the story of the “real” St. Patrick.
  11. While the world is full of horizons and endpoints, for Christians, there is always tomorrow, and there are people in that tomorrow waiting for us as we wait for them.

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