1. Today on the Christian History Almanac podcast, we tell the story of the “real” St. Patrick.
  2. While the world is full of horizons and endpoints, for Christians, there is always tomorrow, and there are people in that tomorrow waiting for us as we wait for them.
  3. While so much remains the same week after week, the past years have taught me how much changes. And I kind of like it.
  4. Reading, understanding, and studying Scripture is a life-long process of contemplation in conversation with others.
  5. Here is the foundational cure for the evils of racism in human society, faith in Christ as definitive for racial identification.
  6. As we close out an old year, Saint Silvester can remind us God is the Lord of history and He has used and is using even people whose lives sink largely or totally into obscurity to keep the confession of our faith in Jesus Christ alive.
  7. Ultimately, you are not your problems. You are not your weaknesses. You are not your sins. You are sanctified. You are the recipient of God’s abundant, forgiving, amazing grace.
  8. After slipping an orange rind into your Negroni, slip off your Weejuns, put your earphones on and enjoy a funny and frank discussion about Jesus, Michael Mann, and ex-communication! Special guest: Rev. Tim Winterstein
  9. God made us to live together, to live in harmony with each other, to serve and sacrifice for the health and well-being of each other. When we hurt one part, we injure the whole body. And, as the philosopher, Marcus Aurelius, wrote, “What injures the hive, injures the bee."
  10. Despite the grave threat of martyrdom during his roughly thirty years of ministry, St. Patrick persevered and experienced enormous success.
  11. The Church gathers around the Word and Sacrament in order to receive Christ and each other.

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