Bradley Gray

Bradley Gray serves as the senior pastor of Stonington Baptist Church in Paxinos, Pennsylvania, where he lives with his wife Natalie and their three children, Lydia, Braxton, and Bailey. He blogs regularly at and hosts a semi-regular podcast, “Ministry Minded.”

The Eternal Comfort of God

Jesus’s story in Luke 16 draws definitive attention to whom God helps — namely, God always comes close in order to help those who cannot help themselves.

Christ Holds Us Fast

Christ shows up in the middle of our storms and our nightmares. That’s where he sets up shop.

The Gospel of Grief

While midnight might seem long, the mercy of God assures us that the morning will come.


2023 Here We Still Stand: C.S. Lewis & the Untamed God

SOLD OUT - An annual three day event, designed to center your faith in Christ for you, based in the Scriptural truths rediscovered in the Reformation.

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