Mankind - Not God - Needs Demythologizing: In the Ring with John Pless

What does it look like to preach while the world is ending? Ringside Preachers, Craft of Preaching, and John Pless from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne tackle this topic from a practical and historical viewpoint after eating fried chicken livers, of course.


  1. Suffering and sanctification; what God is doing in your life to save you from yourself?
  2. Pandemics help us to confront reality and open doors to deliver Christ
  3. Interpreting the law for the preaching of the Gospel
  4. “He who has the victory of the last hour can endure the next few minutes.” Learning form the preachers of history: Tillich, Sasse, and Bonhoeffer
  5. De-mythologizing the people; preachers need to know the lie
  6. Disconnecting death from sin in our pandemic


John T. Pless

Assistant professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions and the director of Field Education At Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne.

Thank you: proud member of the Craft of Preaching


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