1. Gretchen Ronnevik and Katie Koplin discuss today the issue of pain in childbirth, and whether or not taking pain medication during childbirth effects your sanctification, or your moral standing.
  2. Are accountability groups a good idea? The Thinking Fellows discuss the potential use of accountability groups in the church.
  3. Jesus purifies His own and ends their identification as unfit to appear in His presence or in front of other people as the person we identify as our true self.
  4. Preaching justification by faith should not exclude the truth of regeneration, as if justification were an altogether separate phenomenon that took place sometime before and regeneration taking place later.
  5. We are preparing for summer, and sharing our summer book club picks, and then talking about the conference on Galatians that 1517 just had in Arkansas. We talk a bit about the circumcision debate, our tendency toward legalism, and how we even often prefer using softer language than the Bible.
  6. Have you ever heard the illustration about the janitor in heaven? In this episode Gretchen Ronnevik and Katie Koplin what it means to "store up your treasures in heaven."
  7. Sometimes our resistence to forgiveness is that we are attempting to give Christ-less grace.
  8. The Thinking Fellows discuss the notion of worldliness.
  9. Paul closes his letter to Timothy with a stern charge. But how will Timothy be able to fulfill his duties? (1 Timothy 6:11-20)
  10. As Paul begins to wind down his letter to Timothy, he discusses what should give us true contentment in 1 Timothy 6:1-10.
  11. We take a look at 1 Timothy 5 on why the pastoral office is exceedingly important, and should be treated so by pastor and congregation alike.
  12. We take a look at 1 Timothy 5 and how we should respect all in the church, but especially those who are older than us and those who are destitute.

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