1. The mind-blowing part of this entire story, though, isn’t that only one leper came back to “give thanks,” but that the Lord Jesus healed all ten knowing full well that only one would come back.
  2. We interviewed Kelsi Klembara after she spoke at the recent "Here We Still Stand" Regional Conference in Bentonville, Arkansas. She spoke about the embodiment of our redemption, and how our theology of the body can effect how we view eating disorders, chronic health issues, various health improvement programs and even the body positivity movement.
  3. We have special guest, Aimee Byrd, on today to talk about her journey in being a woman who studies theology. She shares the purpose on each of her books and how they build off of one another, leading up to her most recent book that we are discussing today on Biblical manhood and womanhood.
  4. Justification and regeneration are, therefore, necessarily connected and have profound implications upon the craft of preaching.
  5. In one more episode before our interview, we wanted to go over Titus 2, which is often the prooftext given for the false idea that men and women are sanctified differently. This episode could fit both in our discussion of womanhood in the Bible, as well as verses frequently taken out of context.
  6. Faith should later again flow forth from our heart’s depths to our neighbor freely and unhindered in good works; not that we wish to rest our salvation in them; for God will not have that, but wishes the conscience to rest in himself alone.

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