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Mankind - Not God - Needs Demythologizing: In the Ring with John Pless

What does it look like to preach while the world is ending? Ringside Preachers,


Vocation? Can you tell me more?

Professor and author John Pless extends his time with Craig and Troy as we go


Vocation? What's that?

Professor and author John Pless joins Craig and Troy to discuss what God calls


Preaching the Parables: A Review of Proclaiming the Parables by Thomas Long

Long does not see the parables as riddles to be explained, but truth of God’s Kingdom to be proclaimed.

Confession and Absolution

This is an excerpt from “Confession and Absolution” by John T. Pless in Common Places in Theology: A Curated Collection of Essays from Lutheran Quarterly, edited by Mark Mattes, (1517 Publishing 2023).

A Commentary for Preachers of the Cross

There are some commentaries preachers ought not be without. One of those is Mark Seifrid's commentary on 2 Corinthians!


Here We Still Stand 2022

Consciences Captive to the Word of God

Pastor Craft


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