1. This is an excerpt from Faith in the Face of Tyranny: An Examination of the Bethel Confession Proposed by Dietrich Bonhoeffer & Hermann Sasse in August 1933, written by Torbjörn Johansson and translated by Bror Erickson (1517 Publishing, 2023).
  2. As disciples of Jesus, our righteousness cannot be performed before others, because our righteousness was already performed by Jesus.
  3. Mike, Jason, and Wade, and Pr. Nathan Wordell, discuss the third chapter of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Ethics, Heritage and Decay.
  4. The waiting of Advent isn’t just for Christmas; it’s for God’s reversal of all sin and evil and his renewal of all things.
  5. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHT, Mike, Jason, and Wade, and Pr. Dan Lindner and Pr. Nathan Wordell, discuss the second chapter of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Ethics, Ethics as Formation, as well as campus ministry.
  6. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND SEVEN, Jason and Wade discuss theology and philosophy in the light of the first chapter Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Ethics and how neither can address the whole person apart from the incarnate Christ, who is the reality behind both the church and the world, so that the Christian can no more retreat from the world than the unbeliever can be whole apart from Christ.
  7. An immense amount of ink has been spilled contesting and interpreting Bonhoeffer's significance as a figure of Christian history and a theologian of the church.
  8. We do not live in the greatness of our own deeds. We boast in the greatness of one deed that God himself has done through Jesus Christ on the cross.
  9. Christian community is often described as the activity and programs going on at the church. Many people will join a church for the sake of having a tight knit community. But what does Christian community mean?
  10. Bonhoeffer was in the unenviable position of trying to break a spell. The spell was the Nazi crisis, where the totalitarian state threatened the church, and yet to many, seemed to be saving the culture and nation from mortal dangers.

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