1. We give thanks to the Lord for His victory over death and the grave both for those who are now with Him in glory and for ourselves even as we press forward in faithfulness awaiting the Day when our eyes will see Him.
  2. Even though All Saints is a day for remembering the dead, it is not a day of mourning.
  3. Bo Giertz 'Faith Alone' Study
  4. Good, we tend to think, is the absence of evil. But this reversal of the formula can only have disastrous consequences.
  5. If you are going to lose your life for the gospel’s sake, you must begin by hearing it.
  6. Bo Giertz Fiction Study
  7. With every bone in our bodies, we declare war on grace. We declare war on the gift.
  8. The relationship between faith and prayer or belief and worship is mutual. Faith produces prayer and prayer expresses faith.
  9. We worry about the fact our days are as grass – so we try to scratch out a place for ourselves, to make a permanent, lasting place, to climb to higher places and succeed, more often than not, only to hurt each other in the process.

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