1. We assert, we herald, the truth about God becoming King of the world in and through Jesus of Nazareth alone. It is our public announcement.
  2. Fullness, truth, reality – all this God gives us as his gift in Christ.
  3. God is consistently rooting us in reality—both what is seen and unseen—because that is where he is.
  4. Churchwide Seminar & a Saturday Men's Retreat
  5. National Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Association
  6. Jesus meets us in our life of lies, in our falsehoods, in the untruth of our being, and in the company, we create to cover up our nakedness.
  7. Beneath the calm, within the light, A hid unruly appetite Of swifter life, a surer hope, Strains every sense to larger scope, Impatient to anticipate The halting steps of aged Fate. Now listen to Ringside.
  8. Being able to tell the difference between truth and lies is at the core of repentance.
  9. We wanted to spend just a few minutes answering For You Crew questions, but as usual got carried away. Listen as Craig and Troy spitball on the question of Bible translations and specifically on the King James Version.

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