1. If Easter is about Jesus as the prototype of the new creation, then the Ascension is about His enthronement as the One who rules forevermore on Earth as it is in Heaven.
  2. A Psalm that speaks to the heartache of surveying the ruins of our lives.
  3. The invisible world is present though we often aren’t as conscious of it.
  4. We continue our conversation with Nancy Guthrie and how life changing it can be to find Christ in the Old Testament--and not just in the prophecies. It's transformative, and as she would say, there's nothing more practical.
  5. Ringside Preachers and Craft of Preaching join forces to bring you this special edition podcast discussing "Christianity Without Christendom." with Rev. Dr. Jeff Gibbs from Concordia Seminary St. Louis.
  6. Get behind me bourgie theology! Pick up your cross and turn on your radio to Ringside Preachers. Talking about Rush Limbaugh’s legacy, shaking hands like a man and not a fish, and you-know-who: Jesus.
  7. What does it look like to preach while the world is ending? Ringside Preachers, Craft of Preaching, and John Pless from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne tackle this topic from a practical and historical viewpoint after eating fried chicken livers, of course.
  8. We step into the voting booth with one foot on the outside. We are Americans, to be sure, but we are much more. We are citizens of the kingdom of God, over which the King of kings reigns supreme. Our time here is temporary. We are resident aliens in a land destined for a fiery destruction. Our allegiance is to Christ.
  9. It's ok to remember those who gave their life for their country and not remind them that Jesus did something greater just so they don't get a big head. You can tell them the Good News however! Sins forgiven - for free!
  10. Jesus has won the battle. The war is over. In His death, the victory’s sure.
  11. Forty days after His resurrection from the dead, Jesus ascended.
  12. We have heard of the man born to be king. Here in Bethlehem, by divine condescension, the King—the King of kings—is born to be man.