1. In Christ, this world’s never-children are his always-children, because he isn’t a God of death, after all.
  2. 1517 Contributor and pastor, Bradley Gray, joins Kelsi to talk about his incredible book, ⁠Finding God in the Darkness: Hopeful Reflections from the Pit of Depression, Despair, and Disappointment⁠, and specifically, how he sees God responding to suffering throughout Scripture.
  3. Moltmann is gone now, but his theology will continue to provoke and provide.
  4. God does not give us an undebatable answer to suffering. Instead, God suffers, too.
  5. In our catastrophes - whatever they may be, however large or small they are - we cry out for rescue, deliverance, and salvation.
  6. Instead of a death sentence, those brothers hear the words of deliverance.
  7. The lack of history surrounding Psalm 130 allows it to endure as universally appealing even for our seasons of hopelessness and despair when we’re in “the depths.”
  8. For you who are struggling to navigate grief, to cope with pain, or breathe through anxiety, the gospel announces that there is a person whose heart throbs for you.
  9. For Paul, the hope of the resurrection was the ultimate antidote whenever his circumstances tempted him to despair or to "lose heart."
  10. This article is written by guest contributor, Aaron Boerst
  11. The relationship with God through Christ and renewal in his image in Christ cannot be taken away or compromised through suffering.

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