1. Steve Paulson addresses the importance of enduring evil.
  2. Jesus not only healed her daughter, but he also gave himself to her. Wherever she went from then on, he was with her.
  3. Dr. Steve Paulson discusses what it means to endure evil with faith.
  4. Writer and musician, Andy Squyres, talks with Kelsi about the grace and relief found in living a normal, mundane life and where to look for God in suffering.
  5. Gretchen Ronnevik is the author of Ragged: Spiritual Disciplines for the Spiritually Exhausted and co-host of the podcast, Freely Given.
  6. Judas, Peter, and you are all betrayers of Jesus, and yet He does the work necessary to forgive your sins.
  7. The day of Jesus' death races ever nearer, and we see both a woman who believes upon Him and a man who betrays Him.
  8. Your loving Lord is not oblivious to your pain and sadness.
  9. The point Luther made, again and again, was that distance between God and sinners is collapsed when the crucified Christ himself comes to sinners through a preacher.
  10. The promise here is that God is present with us in our troubles, issuing commands to save us before we ask. God does not ignore our suffering and cries.

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