1. While they speak on various aspects of the preaching task, these essays share a unity in their authors’ commitment to the fact that the preaching of Jesus Christ is not simply motivational, informational, or inspirational; it is the delivery of God’s promise into the ears of those who if left to themselves are deaf to the Creator’s voice.
  2. All our sin and shame is answered for in the death and resurrection of our Lord.
  3. Wade and Mike are thrilled to be joined once again by two previous guests: Rev. Dr. John Pless of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN, and Rev. Adam Morton, associate pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster, PA. But they're not only joined by these two fantastic guests, they are also joined by a live audience, as this episode was recorded at the 2019 Here We Still Stand conference, which was held in October of 2019.
  4. It is in the midst of a world marked by empty and deceptive hopes that have broken hearts and lives that we are sent to deliver the promise of a future that has as its last chapter the resurrection of the body to eternal life with the Lamb who was slain but is alive forevermore.