1. The shepherds are the most unlikely people to play the role the angels cast them in.
  2. Repentance comes on account of suffering, loss, failure, and death. It happens when the promise of forgiveness of sin given in Jesus’ death is proclaimed to us down-and-outers.
  3. On this day in the year 1093, Anselm was consecrated as the archbishop of Canterbury.
  4. I will continue to cling to the only hope I’ve ever truly had: that Jesus is my Lord and yours.
  5. Dangerous Bible stories show us a God who has no problem whatsoever using the muck and mire of our worst days to make his progress toward his good goal happen.
  6. Divine election hacking happens with the proposal that God’s Word is irrelevant and powerless, weak and impotent.
  7. True preaching arises when the Holy Spirit steeps the proclaimer in its own cycle of judgment and mercy.