1. We need to hear the gospel because it is good news that is not from you, or about you, or because of you.
  2. There is someone outside of I, someone outside of you, that our faith and hope is in.
  3. The forgiveness of your sins and your reconciliation with God the Father courtesy of Christ’s cross and blood is gifted to you, for you.
  4. The gospel is a one-way rescue by God, through Jesus, for sinners, courtesy of the Holy Spirit exploding faith into an individual who is hearing the good news.
  5. Do you remember fairy tales? Tales of magical creatures and far away fantasy lands? They were legends of lore that included dragons, magic, a moral to the story or a hero saving the day.
  6. There was a TV show back in the ‘90s called “Dinosaurs” that I used to sneak into the living room at night to watch.
  7. When I hear the word “repentance” my mind quickly goes to those old terror inducing Chick Tracts.