1. Even as he was dying, the heart of God poured itself out for the sake of sinners.
  2. Every incendiary move of God’s Spirit is accompanied by a group of penitent people rediscovering the power and preeminence of God’s Word.
  3. To “trust in God in trial” means we fight our battles by kneeling and praying to “the Holy One of Israel,” who works out our deliverance by himself.
  4. There’s no possibility of understanding the grace of Romans 6 and the glory of Romans 8 unless you identify with the excruciating struggle of Romans 7.
  5. The Savior wasn’t always forthright with his intentions behind using and relaying certain parabolic narratives.
  6. The Word of the Lord is sure. The enemy is defeated. Salvation is waiting for you.
  7. Even for idolatrous sellouts like you and me, God’s position has not changed. Even though we may have forgotten him, he never forgets us.
  8. Your Christian faith is a bloody faith, and that ought not make you fearful or scared or embarrassed.
  9. The essence of sin is man substituting himself for God, while the essence of salvation is God substituting himself for man.
  10. Calvary is our mountain of pardon. It is the place which reveals most definitively God’s plan to redeem and reconcile sinners to himself.
  11. But Jesus didn’t see it that way. He saw his arrest not as the kingdom’s program being thwarted but as it being “fulfilled.”
  12. Mankind’s “thoughts and ways” on the matter of pardon and forgiveness do not even come close to exhausting, let alone fathoming, God’s “thoughts and ways.”

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