1. Solomon wrote that there is nothing new under the sun.
  2. All creation groans under the weight of sin, greed, and despair. As we enter into the season of Lent we have good reasons for hope.
  3. In this episode Chad shows us that the problem of sin starts long before we are born, and the consequences are devastating.
  4. In this episode, Chad discusses the symbolism of the horn.
  5. Paul reminds us in Eph. 6, that evil is real and present on earth.
  6. Pain and suffering; it can feel like punishment from an angry God, and we try to figure out the cause, to our own frustration.
  7. The Messiah is exiled from God on the cross as Israel was. Forsaken as Israel was forsaken. Cast away from Yahweh as Israel was. Why?
  8. “Come join the murder,” the black ravens of his heart cried. “Come join it again, old friend.” And so he did. The prodigal relapsed. Re-sinned. Re-destroyed his life. Would his father welcome him home this time?
  9. Fourteen years ago, drowning in the muck of dark despair, in the middle of a life gone terribly wrong, I wrote in my journal, "I wonder how, once this is all over, how I’ll be, how I’ll turn out…” Now I know.
  10. Rachel was the beloved wife, to be sure, but she was not the maternal link between Eve and Mary. That blessed position belonged to Leah.
  11. The acquisition of salvation, the giving of salvation, and the keeping of salvation are entirely dependent upon the Savior himself.

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