1. We forget that Christians need the Gospel. Not as a side note, but as the front-page headline.
  2. Christianity has never been about getting people to clam up and look the part. It’s about Christ calling sinners to himself.
  3. This is the God of the Holy Scriptures. He is the one who repeatedly saves, always preserving his people by providing rescue in situation after situation...
  4. I apologize for my part in making Christmas necessary. I have learned that Christ is NOT the reason for the season, I am.
  5. I don't remember the first time I heard the gospel, but I do remember the first time I began to understand it.
  6. Sometimes, I wish I was much older. Old enough to realize that my best, most influential, and productive days are behind me so that I could speak completely and openly about my life, my triumphs, and most of all, my struggles.
  7. A while back, my wife and I attended the wake and memorial service of a friend from a prior church we attended.
  8. I often dance around the idea of denominations. I've been Pentecostal and I guess Evangelical.
  9. There was another criminal next to Christ the day he died. He was aware of who Jesus was, and why he was there.
  10. I'm afraid of dying. I am a Christian and I am horribly afraid of falling bridges, crashing planes, turned over cars and anything else that you can think of that would include my body being mangled into a mess of bones and flesh.
  11. If you’ve been in church long enough, you might have seen the worst of someone’s unrepentant sin get them kicked out, cast out, excommunicated or “handed over to Satan so their flesh might die and their soul might live.”
  12. I was recently challenged to write about someone I know. A very specific someone who is extremely flawed and broken, even if they don't know it or care to admit it.