1. n today's episode of Tough Texts, Scott Keith and Daniel Emery Price focus on Matthew 7:12-14, a passage that carries profound significance in shaping our Christian life and understanding of salvation.
  2. Annual CLB Youth Gathering
  3. This is the patient love of God. He is stubborn about the salvation of sinners. He will not be rushed even if his name is mocked, and the trustworthiness of his promises are called into question.
  4. Here is someone to love; they’re not a Christian. They’re not very clean and don’t seem to care. Love them. Let your life become intertwined with theirs. Let it cost you something.
  5. Repentance means to turn or change your mind. It is not a turn from sin to righteousness. It is a turn from sin to the righteous Son of God who has defeated all sin.
  6. David is unable to find an example to accurately compare the purity that flows from God washing a sinner. The winter snow is the best example David can come up with, but it still falls short.
  7. Faith is a gift from God. It’s not flashy or boast-worthy. It’s total dependency on the God who saves utter fools.
  8. How are we to understand election in Romans 9? What does it mean that God loved Jacob and hated Esau?
  9. All views of election and predestination are not equal. These are doctrines meant to comfort and provide assurance.
  10. Did the Apostle Paul just say that “he fills up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ?" That seems a little at odds with Jesus’ statement, "It is finished."
  11. Daniel and Erick first spend some more time on verses 16 and 17. Why does Paul need to say that he is not ashamed of the gospel he preaches?
  12. Daniel and Erick continue their study of Romans. Paul is eager to get to Rome to preach the gospel to people who already believe.

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