1. What if sin was truly removed and what if the one who took it from us had the power to conquer it’s curse and spit in the face of death?
  2. 1517 would not exist without the leadership, friendship, and faithfulness of Pastor Ron Hodel.
  3. Churchwide Seminar & a Saturday Men's Retreat
  4. National Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Association
  5. Jim Nestingen and Steve Paulson join Caleb and Scott to discuss the Smalcald Articles.
  6. This is a Q&A for 1517 Publishing’s newest release, “How Melanchthon Helped Luther Discover the Gospel,” by Lowell C. Green. This release also marks the launch of our new Melanchthon Library.
  7. The Thinking Fellows talk about repentance.
  8. We at 1517 are utterly committed to keeping the main thing, the main thing.
  9. During the Reformation, the gift of the gospel was often described as a promise. Caleb and Scott sit down with Steve Paulson to talk about what the promise is, and how it is received.
  10. The Word was preached into your ears, the Holy Spirit worked through that word, and wormed His way from the sinful preacher's mouth to your wicked ears and onto your sinful heart.
  11. How do you know you are truly repentant? Does your life have to be wrecked by some special sin before you know the Gospel?
  12. Christ’s death is sufficient for all, even Christians.

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