1. New Creations in an Old World
  2. The story of Juneteenth is one of living between proclamation and emancipation, and the story of the Christian faith is one of living in that same tension.
  3. This story of despair met with the hope of the gospel is rightly told by many during the holiday season.
  4. On this episode of the Soul of Christianity Debi and Dan chat with David Zahl of Mockingbird Ministries. Dave, Debi, and Dan talk about life in quarantine, Dave’s faith journey, and the good news of the Gospel for our time.
  5. As Christians, we are not cold ascetics, depriving ourselves in the here and hereafter. We are given good things from our heavenly Father in heaven, and even a foretaste of the things to come.
  6. Throughout the centuries, “Inferno” has also played a large role in the development of Christianity, particularly in the Western Medieval church.
  7. Despite the death all around us, the death that is assured us, we know there is a way out.
  8. The incarnation was universal, irrespective of nationality, race, or even Christmas tradition.
  9. Judgement is not a fun topic to talk about, usually. Fortunately we have the Rev Bill Cwirla who was not only a lot of fun, but actually turned judgement into a hopeful doctrine!
  10. On this show we discuss a clause in the creed that is sometimes overlooked. Being seated at the Right Hand of the Father might seem like an abstract theological idea, but Rev Donovan Riley centers the doctrine in the history of the church and the Gospel.
  11. Hurricane Florence, or any natural disaster, can serve as a painful reminder of our own mortality, the futility of human ingenuity and strength.