1. What’s the big deal about Jesus’ name?
  2. The drama of Scripture is about God renaming us by bringing us into his image-bearing family once again. And it would take “a name above all names” to accomplish it.
  3. Stoicism’s opening premise fails to understand that, from its conception, the heart is a thorny bramble.
  4. It’s the notion of mercy that leads us to the atonement, and it is the atonement that provides a foundational basis for the justification of sinners.
  5. The season of Lent gives almost unparalleled opportunity for preachers to placard before their auditors the Cross of Christ and beckon Christians to take up their cross and follow Him.
  6. Our forefathers dedicated Holy Cross Day to jolt the Church into remembrance that Christianity is not principally about ethics.
  7. Cliché preaching may be symptomatic of shallow, consumerist culture, perpetuating a problem rather than the solution.
  8. Grace is about God’s choice when we cannot by our own reason or strength choose Christ or come to Him.
  9. Look to the crucifix. There you see God as God is, in Himself. You see God in action for you.