1. Great things are contained in these seemingly unimportant words: "Behold, your king." Such boundless gifts are brought by this poor and despised king.
  2. All human wisdom, righteousness, and holiness are made futile in that which belongs to God’s kingdom.
  3. To repent in his name is done thus: in those who believe in Christ God through the same faith works a change for the better, not for a moment, nor for an hour, but for their whole life.
  4. Our certainty is of Christ, that mighty hero who overcame the Law, sin, death, and all evils.
  5. Now, if there were another way to heaven, doubtless, he would have made it known to us.
  6. The kingdom of Christ consists in finding all our praise and boast in grace. Other works should be free, not to be urged, nor should we wish by them to become Christians, but condescend with them to our neighbor.
  7. Any good work we perform among you; any doctrine we write upon your heart – that is God’s own work.
  8. The Gospel is a precious and comforting word. It comforts and refreshes the sad heart. It wrestles it out of the jaws of death and hell and transports it to the certain hope of eternal life, through faith in Christ.
  9. It is impossible to obtain grace and the forgiveness of sins in any other way, manner, or measure than by hearing the Word of God about Christ and by receiving it through faith.
  10. Love is to be the interpreter of law. Where there is no love, these things are meaningless, and law begins to do harm.