1. In this episode, Paulson identifies the worry that all religion tries to answer "Am I chosen by God?"
  2. Dr. Paulson explores Luther's rebuttal of the adage "Knowledge is Power."
  3. In this episode, Dr. Paulson examines the Apostle Paul's references to the Old Testament in Romans Chapter 9.
  4. Jim Nestingen and Steve Paulson join Caleb and Scott to discuss the Smalcald Articles.
  5. In this episode, Caleb and Dr. Paulson discuss salvation ex nihilo or "from nothing."
  6. The Thinking Fellows talk about repentance.
  7. On this episode, Dr. Paulson expands on what Luther called Isaiah’s amen gloss.
  8. Caleb and Dr. Paulson continue to read Isaiah chapter forty-five.
  9. During the Reformation, the gift of the gospel was often described as a promise. Caleb and Scott sit down with Steve Paulson to talk about what the promise is, and how it is received.
  10. How do you know you are truly repentant? Does your life have to be wrecked by some special sin before you know the Gospel?
  11. The Scriptural pictures of atonement offer every Christian comfort and hope against sin through the power of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
  12. Caleb and Scott Keith are joined by their friend Kelsi Klembara to discuss atonement. The atoning work of Christ is an essential doctrine of the Christian faith.

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