1. The words of Jesus shine with a graceful brilliance among the broken fragments of this world.
  2. In the text, Jesus enters a Pharisee’s house for dinner. Between the invitation and the meal, however, Jesus transforms this man’s home into a place of God’s care.
  3. When offering encouragement to His disciples to follow Him, Jesus did not promise a pain-free life in this world. Instead, He highlighted the struggle and the difficulty. Why?
  4. This is true discipleship. We live with Jesus, we hold on to Jesus, we suffer with Jesus, because Jesus brings a divisive peace that saves.
  5. We are loved by our heavenly Father. When the Creator and Giver of all good things is caring for you, suddenly, you are free to care for others.
  6. So, we pray. Not just in times of need, but we pray at all times. Because this is part of what it means to be saved.
  7. Jesus opens for us a way to walk through suffering and to sing our song of salvation as we talk to our heavenly Father.
  8. What we have in our reading is a picture of how God deals with a lack of understanding.
  9. Today, Jesus comes as your Good Shepherd. You recognize His voice.
  10. The days after Easter are strange. We are slowly returning to our patterns of Church life and family life after the festivities of Easter. Yet, we need to be careful we do not become too comfortable.
  11. You have been given a glimpse of glory, the glory of forgiveness, that you can share with those around you in the world.
  12. By listing a series of situations in rapid succession, Jesus overwhelms us with how practical, how real, how tangible, how concrete, how utterly achievable life in the kingdom can be.

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