1. Everyday Confessions and Learning How to Forgive
  2. God uses the unlikely, the unexpected, and sometimes even the unsavory to deliver us and to crush the heads of his enemies
  3. Refreshing Absolution: Staying Hydrated in the Desert of Digital Confession
  4. When we come to God with our faithful obedience to make a case for our just cause, we expect to hear his deliverance in the form of a "yes."
  5. The truth is we’ve always mixed up the roles of penitent and priest.
  6. By basing our assurance on the promises of God, which we not only hope for in the future but live in now, the Christian can finally rest in the comfort that they are both saved and not responsible for their own salvation.
  7. Today’s advice for the anxious and worried would have likely horrified Luther.
  8. Caleb and Scott Keith are joined by their friend Kelsi Klembara to discuss atonement. The atoning work of Christ is an essential doctrine of the Christian faith.
  9. “Standing firm in the confession we share should not exclude us from inviting others into it.”
  10. Yes, but. It's a phrase I find myself repeating often in life. When my husband asks for forgiveness, I too often respond, "I forgive you, but…” and then continue with a list of my grievances.