1. An Analysis of Galatians 5:1-6
  2. The Lord knew how it felt to be a rejected stone.
  3. Jesus makes David’s words his own, because David’s words were Christ’s to begin with.
  4. What is undoubtedly true, however, is that St. Peter wasn’t left outside. He wasn’t left weeping. He was restored, as am I, as are you.
  5. Past, present, and future are tied together in Christ.
  6. God saves us through people. He saves us through means. He puts a voice on the gospel.
  7. You are not in debt to sin. You don’t owe it anything. There’s no reason for you to serve it.
  8. While the world and other religions might be fine with considering him everything but, the foremost thing our Jesus came to be and still remains is Jesus, Savior.
  9. The thought of losing even one of those for whom his Son died pains God beyond belief, and the angels rejoice when even one of his children repents.
  10. Mike and Wade discuss the life of Christ, using select accounts from the Gospels to illustrate aspects of His person and work for Mike's THE 105 course.
  11. Ash Wednesday confronts us with our true nature, our mortality, and marks us with the only escape from it: the cross of Christ.
  12. The optimism of a Christian extends beyond the deathbed and has its origin in a historical event without historical boundaries.

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