1. The worship service is less like servants entering the throne room to wait on the king’s needs and more like a father joining his family around the dining room table.
  2. Reading, understanding, and studying Scripture is a life-long process of contemplation in conversation with others.
  3. God not only unites us to himself by the death and resurrection of his Son; he unites us, the church, together and to himself under Christ as his children.
  4. When a manager faces imminent termination by his wealthy master for mishandling his wealth, what will he do? Where can he turn? In this challenging parable, Jesus teaches us that our salvation lies outside of ourselves and our works.
  5. This petition is proof that the Christian life is not a practice in perfectionism. Rather, it is a life of dying and rising, lived under the cross of Christ, in the continual forgiveness of our sins.
  6. Where our sins are forgiven, there God in Christ is to be found.
  7. The Holy Spirit gathers us together and keeps the church in the true faith, and He does it all by way of the Gospel.
  8. As is usually the case with God, He uses something strange and earthly as a picture of His grace and mercy.
  9. It’s been my experience that All Saints’ Day, celebrated on November 1st and observed on the first Sunday following, gets overshadowed by the celebration of Reformation Day.
  10. Few smells are as pervasive as the smell of smoke. Anyone who’s sat around a campfire can attest.

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