1. Theologian and Biblical Scholar, John Kleinig, joins Kelsi to discuss the vision the Bible gives us for God's redemptive plan as a wholly physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional endeavor.
  2. Everyday Confessions and Learning How to Forgive
  3. Big or small, potential or certain, the despair we may grapple with during this time of year tends to find its end in the fact that things are not as they should be.
  4. The church is the only place God promises to lift us out of ourselves not in order to become more like God but so that we may finally be freed from our obsession with becoming little gods.
  5. We all know what I think (maybe) Rachel knows: Celebrating ourselves isn’t enough. It won’t ever be enough.
  6. Refreshing Absolution: Staying Hydrated in the Desert of Digital Confession
  7. It’s easy to slip into thinking about forgiveness solely in terms of our authority over it.
  8. By basing our assurance on the promises of God, which we not only hope for in the future but live in now, the Christian can finally rest in the comfort that they are both saved and not responsible for their own salvation.
  9. While 500 years is certainly something to be celebrated, to always focus on the anniversary number could run the risk of forgetting the true meaning behind the reason we remember the Reformation as an important period in the history of the Christian church.
  10. “Standing firm in the confession we share should not exclude us from inviting others into it.”

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