1. Diving for Gomers. In this episode, we have a much-needed conversation about slavery to sin, Ezekiel’s whore metaphor for God’s relationship with his people, and why it’s important that Christians not shy away from difficult conversations about how God describes sin and grace in the Bible.
  2. Drowning The Branch Manager for Christ. In this episode, we discuss Jonah, ministry, and the aches and pains of church life while reading Eugene Peterson’s book, Under The Unpredictable Plant.
  3. Who Controls Baptism? In this episode, we discuss the baptismal controversy in the early church. Cyprian, Novation, and a whole cloud of witnesses join us on the podcast this week.
  4. Are We Just Rats in a Maze? In this episode, we discuss grief, mourning, death, and hope while reading C.S. Lewis’s book, A Grief Observed.
  5. A Harsh & Necessary Conversation About Death. In this episode, we discuss death and resurrection concerning the death of a child from Gregory P. Schulz’s book, The Problem of Suffering: A Father’s Hope.
  6. Say Hello to My Little Church! In this episode, we discuss Christ’s church and all its vagaries and particularities as expressed in Bo Giertz’s book, Christ’s Church.
  7. Dirt Naps Are For The Living. In this episode, we wrap up our discussion of Robert Capon’s, The Foolishness of Preaching, focusing on preaching forgiveness, insisting that the dead reform their deadness, and the consequences of high anthropology.
  8. Welcome to the Church, Can I Take Your Order? In this episode, we discuss Clement of Rome on the Church, especially good order, fruits of faith, and why the congregation at Corinth shouldn’t run off its pastors.
  9. God Doesn’t Do Prophet-sharing. In this episode, we discuss Gerhard von Rad’s explanation of a prophet’s freedom and lack of choice regarding his call and proclamation. What’s at stake for preachers, and all Christians, when God calls us to speak a specific word, to a specific people, at a specific time according to his decision?
  10. We Are Live! In this episode, we recorded a live show at the Here We Still Stand 2022 conference, so of course, we read Nietzsche and discussed salvation.
  11. Do You Read The Bible? What’s Your Secret? In this episode, we discuss how to understand the Bible from Matthias Flacius’ book, How to Understand the Sacred Scriptures.
  12. It’s A Bittersweet, Scientific Symphony of Atheism. In this episode, we discuss Josh McDowell’s book, More Than A Carpenter, and the topic of belief, science, and atheism. Do science and faith contradict one another? Is atheism a reasonable position over-against belief in God?

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