1. When and how did the church start this season of anticipation?
  2. The power of the Word of God is the power of God himself, for he is always faithful to his Word.
  3. . . . and with that, Craig and Troy put Matthew to bed, wrapping up with a dive into the Great Commission
  4. Craig and Troy come back for another round of discussion on the Lord's Supper: the what and the why and the where, but never the how.
  5. In the Lord's Supper we receive an enormous gift. Why make it more complicated than what Jesus says?
  6. "Take up your cross and follow me" . . . what does this mean?
  7. Is repentance really just an afterthought or a one-time event? Or is it the way of the Christian life in which God turns us away from ourselves and towards His Son.
  8. . . . to which Jesus answers, "Why? What have you heard?" Jesus challenges all the doubts about Himself and demands we believe in who He truly is.
  9. Jesus sends out His Twelve Sent-Ones on their first mission. Why does He give them the instructions that He gives . . . and what's up with the staff?
  10. Jesus does Jesus stuff, but more Jesus workers are needed to do Jesus stuff, so Jesus apostles His disciples so that more Jesus stuff can get done . . . or something like that.
  11. Why is it that wherever Jesus is, there is the party? Because to dine with Jesus is to be at one with Him, and He with us.
  12. You ARE salt and light. By our new nature in Christ, we do salty and light things. But how is God glorified in the things that we do? https://bookofconcord.org/sources-and-context/heidelberg-disputation/

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