1. On this episode of Preaching the Text, John Hoyum and Steve Paulson discuss church unity.
  2. Baptism is always valid because no unrighteousness or faithlessness on our part could ify God’s faithfulness.
  3. Has the modern world taken too strong a dose of the gospel as its inheritance from the Reformation?
  4. Luther's signature insight on the sacraments was that God’s word of promise doesn’t just symbolize an absent reality but that it gives and bestows God’s real favor.
  5. Predestination is a promising teaching as Paul teaches it in Romans 8. It’s promising when Christ and his work for us are held firmly in hand.
  6. Christians are free to engage in political matters, even as Christians, but the church as an institution has a responsibility not to lobby for specific political ends, however worthy and just they might be.
  7. Terror and even hatred of God are the only things with which divine hiddenness can leave us.
  8. Christ’s indwelling in the Christian must be tied relentlessly to these external and objective events of God’s own action.
  9. Preaching is simply the verbal bestowal of what Scripture has already given us in written form
  10. Divine election is nothing other than God’s freedom and power to choose, and He has made His word the instrument by which He makes His choice about you.
  11. Being a member of a church connects people to the whole reason the church has for existing: that we might obtain justifying faith in Jesus Christ through Word and Sacrament.
  12. The death and resurrection of our Lord has indeed removed the power of all these things. But they remain for now, even so.