1. Walther’s living legacy is his enduring teaching on how to distinguish the law and the gospel in the Church’s proclamation.
  2. Preachers and church workers must also hear the gospel preached to them.
  3. While baptism is a “once and for all” event that should not be repeated in the Christian’s life, the effects of baptism continue throughout the life of the believer.
  4. Take away the communal aspect, take away the communal gathering around Christ’s body and blood, and the Christian will begin to suffer a malnutrition of faith.
  5. In his last novel, Islands in the Stream, Hemingway shows us what we get when we look to nature for ultimate truth: death.
  6. This is how the God of Abraham has become our God, too. This is how God has fulfilled His promise to Abraham and His promise to us: by breaking open His own body and shedding His own blood.
  7. While the Holy Spirit does work within us, He always comes to us from the outside, through the external Word and Sacraments.