1. We must also address the stigma surrounding addiction within so many churches.
  2. It is of the utmost importance that pastors teach their congregation that through faith in Jesus Christ, they are fortified against the machinations of the adversary.
  3. I’ve experienced firsthand the promise that God never leaves a congregation empty-handed.
  4. A pastor is sent to proclaim the unconditional grace of God, reminding us again and again that it is our Heavenly Father who reaches out to us in love through his Christ-won forgiveness, and not the other way around.
  5. Christ Jesus brings his word and presence to where you are and he is even willing to do so through the likes of your personally present pastor.
  6. God's faithfulness is constant and consistent. It knows no season. His love for us doesn't fade with the summer sun.
  7. Prayer is not just about asking for things. It's about receiving what has already been given to us in Christ.
  8. God cares about our real life where we actually are. He is present in the everyday.
  9. We number our days not according to our timeframe but according to God’s work and his rhythms.
  10. Tim wanted everyone to know to the deepest part of their being that they were justified by Christ alone.
  11. Luther's emphasis on the need for sinners to have preachers who can provide them with the comfort and support they need for their faith in Jesus Christ and life is as relevant today as it was in his time.

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