1. I hope this Christmastime affords ample opportunities for you to publish the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  2. Jesus is the heart of the Gospel, and the Gospel is Good News. But it is always Good News that comes to us best on the lips of another.
  3. It is only when individuals are bound together in community that they become fully human.
  4. And your life, weary and broken as it is, is hidden by God in Christ—tucked away in God’s enduring and eternally given Word, in Jesus.
  5. Even now we sing as we live in His gifts, and await His second Advent—His second-coming.
  6. Jesus loves His church. He cleans her up. He takes her as His own. And He leads her.
  7. I’m still laughing now as hard as I laughed back then. And the salve that he gave me in that moment still works some strange magic on me to this day.