1. The story of Juneteenth is one of living between proclamation and emancipation, and the story of the Christian faith is one of living in that same tension.
  2. On this episode of the Soul of Christianity, Debi and Dan chat with friend and pastor Chris Gallagher. Chris is the pastor of Lutheran Church of the Cross in Oceanside, California, and has known Debi and Dan for over a decade. Pastor Chris’ story is one that you don’t want to miss (he was even once featured on Oprah!)
  3. Stories like Onoda’s offer an interesting parallel to our life in the Gospel.
  4. The 'church' is neither your mega-complex nor is it you alone with your own private devotions.
  5. In our own lives, we might find that the Law is not an alien word, whether we call it our conscience or our values, our Holy Writ, or our municipality’s laws and regulations
  6. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works for me, not because it substitutes a temporal and flimsy antidote to my problems but because it points me to the God who has adopted and baptized me
  7. You say "Catholic" church, I say "Christian" church. This clause of the creed is sometimes changed in Protestant churches to keep people from being confused, but we think you can handle the original, rich meaning of the term instead of a sectarian interpretation. The Rev. Del Campbell, who could have filled two episodes with stories and anecdotes, joined the show to discuss the gospel hope found in this clause.