1. Are accountability groups a good idea? The Thinking Fellows discuss the potential use of accountability groups in the church.
  2. In this episode, the Thinking Fellows discuss the centrality and importance of Christians' doctrinal content and confessions.
  3. In this episode, the Thinking Fellows ask, what are sacred spaces, and do we need them?
  4. What responsibilities do individual Christians and their churches possess to fight against an antagonistic culture?
  5. Happy Easter from the Thinking Fellows. This week, Scott, Adam, and Caleb talk about the centrality and reliability of the Ressurection of Jesus Christ.
  6. Scott, Caleb, and Adam are joined by David Andersen and Ed Killian to talk about David’s book, In Defense of Christian Ritual.
  7. On this episode the Fellows answer a handful of questions submitted by listeners. Among them is the question, is baptism a good work that earns salvation? Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy the show.
  8. When I hear my brother’s name, I will grieve a little. But I will also rejoice, for I know that he is with his Savior.
  9. Today’s episode includes questions about Erasmus of Rotterdam, the Lord’s Supper, and Prayer companions.
  10. This episode of the Thinking Fellows is about defining terms. Often, the fellows describe movements, doctrine, and even people as orthodox, historical, and reformational.
  11. The Fellows approach the latest set of listener questions. This time, we have questions about Lutheran history, baptism, and apostasy.
  12. As we begin recording into the new year, the Thinking Fellows take time to answer two big listener questions.

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